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enhanced patient satisfaction ~ increased employee performance ~ reduced construction schedule ~ cost competitive ~ energy efficient ~ superior investment ~ environmental sensitivity

The future of medical and professional office use is full of opportunities to improve the delivery of health care. Developers are in the process of building new professional/commercial space and converting existing space utilizing Green Technology.

Respect for our environment and especially important for investors, the advantages of owning and occupying a LEED certified approved building are many. Statistics show that LEED Certified buildings cost virtually the same to build as conventional construction but with several significant advantages.

leedstapleton[1]Buildings built for the medical user will offer not only a sound investment over the life of the building, but also will insure that the facility will be a healthier environment for employees, patients, and owners.

With high performance air distribution from the under-floor delivery system, contaminated air is directed away from the patient and employees and bacteria and airborne pollutants, including germs that cause the spread of illnesses, are minimized, subsequently resulting in a healthier environment for patients and fewer missed work days for employees.

The use of environmentally sensitive paint, carpet, adhesives, and materials also improves air quality.

Adaptable interiors respond to the expansion and modification of clinical work spaces in a very short time without normal construction waste and disruption.

leedwoodlands[1]Benefits of Going Green include the following:

  • Competitive and controlled construction costs with minimal waste of materials and labor
  • Faster construction schedule enables greater speed to market increasing patient access and cash flow
  • Adaptable to technology, demographic, and work process changes
  • Up to 30% energy savings using enhanced lighting and under floor HVAC delivery
  • Risk of patient cross contamination is reduced
  • Superior air quality resulting in a reduction in employee sick days
  • Increase in employee energy, awareness and comfort with less turnover
  • Flexibility in reconfiguring medical office space using adaptable wall and systems components with no disruption to patients and staff
  • Under floor mechanical, electrical, data and air delivery systems provides easy access enabling immediate response to changes in operations or for the next phase of tenant occupancy

Savings in time, repairs, and flexible modular construction and remodeling are especially important for the investor. The economical advantages of owning a LEED approved building include accelerated depreciation, tax credits, minimal renovation time and costs, and a significant increase in real estate value.

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