About Us


frankdeangelo[1]Frank DeAngelo and Ron Costa have been assisting clients in the medical field and other professional walks of life for the past ten years with great success.


Their portfolio consists of assisting doctors and dentists and professionals in various fields in the acquisition of office space for lease to buildings that include space for the doctor or dentist’s practice, and additional space to lease to other professionals requiring space to conduct business.

They have also had the opportunity to procure land for some doctors and dentists that have chosen to purchase in order to build their own facility in areas of the city they chose to practice in or near.

One other area of expertise aside from the commercial side of real estate that has been a successful niche is “residential for professionals“. Finding homes for the professional client has been an area that has been very gratifying for this progressive, dedicated team.

What sets the two aside from others in the industry is the desire to find the property or properties that totally suits the needs of their clients no matter what the time or the effort necessary.

The Las Vegas market has become the hottest market in the entire country for people of all professions and trades to test the water. The city is number one in the country as the city to start a business and become sroncosta1[1]successful. Retirees are flocking and relocating to Las Vegas by the thousands and taking advantage of the amenities such as year around weather conditions, low real estate taxes, the absence of state income tax, no franchise or corporate taxes and also limited estate tax.

All these benefits and the fact that there is 24 hour entertainment for those of all ages to do just about everything under the sun is the magnet that attracts the entire world to the “Diamond in the Desert”. The influx of retirees has been very beneficial to the medical world.

This should be a definite indicator that the need for those in any field of medicine will be in great demand. The Las Vegas valley is presently home for approximately 2 million residents. The number is increasing by six to seven thousand each month. The Las Vegas new homes housing market is flourishing like never before and the end is nowhere in sight.

If you are entertaining the idea of trying the desert on for size, there’s been no better time than the present. Frank DeAngelo and Ron Costa are constantly assisting clients in helping them to make a decision. If for no other reason than for informational purposes, give us a call and you’ll go away knowing a lot more about Las Vegas, whether it’s for you or not, than you did before inquiring.